Have you lived in the UK and purchased any goods or services since 2011 from businesses selling in the UK? You may be entitled to compensation.

The Claim

Nikki Stopford claims that Google has breached competition law by abusing its dominant position to shut out competition in the search advertising market. This enables Google to raise the prices paid by advertisers for prominence on the Google search page. These inflated prices are then passed on to consumers, who are charged higher prices for the goods and services they buy.



What does this mean for you?

If you have lived in the UK, are aged 16 years or over and have, since 1 January 2011, purchased any goods and/or services from businesses selling in the UK which used search advertising services provided by Google, you will automatically be included as a class member and may be eligible for compensation if the claim is successful. You can get involved by staying up-to-date with the claim:

How will we keep you updated?

Our website explains the proposed claim for compensation brought by Nikki Stopford against Google in respect of Google’s unlawful conduct in the search advertising market. We will keep it updated with any new developments, and be in touch by email with our updates.

About us

Nikki Stopford

Nikki Stopford

Nikki Stopford has 25 years of experience in advocating and raising industry standards for consumers. She has expertise in consumer research, engagement, advocacy and publishing, and in the development of consumer-facing digital products and services. She has held executive leadership roles running successful digital and content-led consumer-facing businesses that have engaged and advocated for millions of consumers.

She is the co-founder and joint CEO of Consumer Voice – a newly launched website and consumer community in the UK dedicated to promoting awareness of and engagement with group legal actions.

She is the current Chair of the British Standards Institute (BSI) Consumer Forum which brings together consumer advocacy organisations, government departments, regulators and enforcement agencies to strengthen the UK consumer voice in standards.

For over 10 years, she was Group Director of Research and Publishing at Which? – the UK's largest consumer organisation. She was also Chief Operating Officer at Resolver, a well-known technology, data and digital business operating in consumer complaints and dispute resolution markets.


Nikki Stopford has instructed the law firm Hausfeld & Co. LLP to represent her in the claim. Hausfeld is a leading disputes-only law firm specialising in competition law, with significant expertise in all aspects of collective redress and group claims. In particular, Hausfeld & Co. LLP has extensive experience in managing litigation against global “Big Tech” companies, including opt-out collective claims such as these.

Latest News


10 October 2023

The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal receives a class action claim for £7B in damages against an online search giant for allegedly exploiting its market dominance to charge higher prices (Google / Nikki Stopford)

A collective claim against Google was filed in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) arguing that the business has used its search engine dominance to shut out competition in mobile search


7 September 2023

Google faces £7bn legal claim over anti-competitive search engine practices

Google is the subject of a new multibillion-pound legal claim in the UK which accuses the tech giant of shutting out competition in mobile search and driving up prices for consumers as a result.

The Guardian

7 September 2023

Google faces multibillion-pound lawsuit from UK consumers

Google faces a new multibillion-pound lawsuit from UK consumers accusing the company of contributing to cost-of-living price rises.